Lab 2


Our goal was to make a working cable. After the cable was made we had to test it to make sure that it worked, and if it did we worked on connecting it to a patch panel, the eventually to a PC.


UTP Cable, RJ45 connector, Patch panel,  wire cutters, wire stripper, crimping tool,  and cable tester.




What are some advantages and disadvantages of using Thinnet and/or Thicknet as compared to UTP?

Thinnet has thin cables that can be easily handled/ bent and there’s no need for external transceivers and AUI cables, but has limited segment length.

Thicknet is directly connected to the NIC of a computer, but is larger and harder to manipulate.

Why is it important not to untwist the cables anymore than is necessary?

Keeping them twisted cancels out electromagnetic interference from external sources.


I was able to make a working CAT-5 cable (on the first try) and definitely learned a lot in the process (since I had never worked with cables before).


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