Final Project


Final Project pt. 1 

For my final Digital Media project I decided to do something I love and want to get into, film editing. For this project I took the instrumental of the song Roses by the Chainsmokers and mashed it with Melanie Martinez music videos. Melanie has, or had at the time I made this video, released ten music videos, releasing one for each song on her album Cry Baby, giving me plenty of video to work with. I had planed to use video clips from each of her music videos, but found myself overwhelmed with the amount of video, and trying to piece together ten different music videos can get a little congested. Instead I ended up using four of the music videos. (Soap, Training Wheels, Tag Your it, & Milk and Cookies).

Below is the video in editing format. I edited this video in Premiere Elements.

2016-12-13 (3).png


After editing this video I realized I could take it even farther. By editing audio as well. So I made another video.



Final Project pt. 2

For this video, my first attempt, I had started editing clips of each one of Melanie’s songs to fit together, using the original songs, but it was hard to keep it running smoothly since each song has it’s own music and pace.

For my second attempt I kept the same Roses instrumental, and used lyric only, or Acapella versions of the songs. I edited the audio first, and then went back and edited the video on top of it.

This time I did use all of her music videos. While I was editing this she released two new music video, so I now had twelve songs to work with.


Below is the video in editing format. Also in Premier Elements.

2016-12-13 (2).png

Video 1: Melanie’s Music videos edited

Audio 1: Melanie’s songs edited

Voice: Is a small clip of audio of Melanie humming at the beginning of the Soap Music video.

Music: Roses Instrumental



Songs: Cry Baby Album;

  1. Cry Baby
  2. Dollhouse
  3. Sippy Cup
  4. Carousel
  5. Alphabet Boy
  6. Soap
  7. Training Wheels
  8. Pity Party
  9. Tag, You’re it
  10. Milk and Cookies
  11. Pacify Her
  12. Mrs. Potato Head

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