Summary 6

This week we worked on design projects:


For this design assignment I had to make a shape out of a barcode. Using Photoshop I was able to cut around the outline of a giraffe to make the shape in the barcode.

Lyric typography:

For this project I had to use a line from a song and illustrate it using typography. Using music philosophy posters as inspiration. I used a line from the song Lampshades on Fire by Modest Mouse as my inspiration.

Typography image:

For this assignment I had to create an image out of type/text. I created the chesire cat using quotes he said in the movie Alice in Wonderland. I used illustrator to arch the text, to shape it into the chesire cat.


This week we also had to find in at least five objects, ads, signs, posters, etc, different forms of design such as space, shape, line, texture, color, form, value, type, symbols & metaphors, balance, rhythm, and unity.


Daily Create: Circles in circles.


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