Summary 5

This week was the audio week. We had to do twelve stars worth of audio assignments. For mine I chose to do:

Storytime! SongTag Style:

For this assignment I used random lyrics from ten different songs to create a ‘story.’ The lyrics sound cool put together whether there’s much story there or not.

The Contest Nobody Could Win:

For this one you were supposed to use clips from six different songs, under one second, and mash them together. I ended up using nine songs, instead of six, but it still works the same.

Slow it Down 800%:

For the assignment you had to take a song and slow it down up to 800%. I used the song Gold by Kiiara and when I slowed it down it turned into something abstract and distorted. The end effect is kind of creepy.


I had many problems trying to post these because not a lot of places will let you post audio. Soundcloud (at first) wasn’t letting me post. It kept saying I needed to confirm my email but no matter how many times I did it it wouldn’t work. When I finally got it to post to YouTube I tried to play it and soon realized that not only did they take down my video they had completely terminated my account. So I gave up and somehow miraculously was able to post on Soundcloud the next day.


Daily Creates:

What’s behind the door?:

Finding faces:


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