Summary 4

This week was the week of photography. Reading and trying out many of the different photography techniques.

I created three visual assignments, two of which had to do with photography.

Switch it up:

For this assignment I used Photoshop to edit many different aspects of the photo.

Stop frame photography:

For this I used a photo of my sister blowing a dandelion and collaged the photos side by side.


For the last assignment I changed the original colors of the Powerpuff girls, using Photoshop, to purple, green, and red, along with adding a blue background to make it look like they’re in the sky.

This week we also had to do some portrait photography, using natural lighting.  I got my beautiful little sister to model for me. We did two separate photoshoots because the first day was cloudy and difficult to get the perfect natural light.

The natural lighting tips we got from photographer Scott Kelby’s Photography book. We also had to try some of his other tips to create better photo’s.


Daily Create:



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