Summary 3

This week we had to do three different assignments from three different categories equaling at least eight stars in difficulty.

For my assignments:


Using Photoshop I turned my ordinary bottle of Mtn Dew blue by cutting out the bottle, cleaning the edges, and changing the hue, saturation, and brightness.


For this assignment I put together a poster of finding dory and angry birds. Cutting out and placing the angry birds characters in the background of the finding dory poster.


For this assignment, the plan was to video myself drawing a picture someone had asked me to do for them, then speed the video up so that it plays for one minute. However, a full memory card, several malfunctions later, and a dead battery just wasn’t letting it happen. So I uploaded the few short video clips I was able to capture, combined the videos, and sped them up.


This week we also had to finish a few daily creates,

For my door knob, my inspiration was from one of my favorite movies, Alice in Wonderland.

For the whisper a message of hope by candle light I was able to create an image using one of my favorite quotes.



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