Dadaism Artistic Style

Dadaism disregards the aesthetics and cultural value that is generally what art is believed to be. Dadaism is a piece of artwork marked by nonsense, travesty, strange, bizarre features. It is to illustrate absurdity through art. Dada artwork doesn’t follow any of the known art rules. It is intended to provoke a reaction of shock, outrage, and intrigue from the viewer. Dadaism first arose in Switzerland as a reaction to World War I. Francis Picabia was a French painter that did many Dada paintings. He brought Dadaism to the United States in 1915. I like that this style takes art outside the norm and has no rules. It gives a broader range of idea and can be anything you want it to be. This could be helpful in designing a website, but probably wouldn’t get you very far. In order to appeal to more people you should probably stay away from Dadaism as it does not appeal to most and is made to be bizarre and stick out.


Dadaism Tattoo



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